A story in a book by Jodi Harvey-Brown

index“I’ve always loved art, and I’ve always loved to read” declares Jodi Harvey-Brown, an artist uniting her two greatest passions to create art-books.

Through her sculpture work, she brings stories to life in 3-dimensional form by carving into her favorite books. Especially focused on fantasy literature, she likes to recreate the magic of invisible worlds beyond, which only her imagination can render.

Harvey-Brown challenges the characters and those who created them. She believes “Characters, that we care so much for, should come out of the pages to show us their stories.” Just like the heroes of Woody Allen’s film Zelig, these paper elves challenge their authors and present us with this hybrid object that is becoming more and more important in contemporary design: the art book.

paper-book-sculptures-jodi-harvey-brown-16An object with nothing other than visual content and mixed up characters who defy meaning, this scrapbooking trend resembles the proclaimed victory of image over text. Unless, this is a new mannerism in a post-modern interpretation of the book.